What kind of daily maintenance is required?

  • The following maintenance is needed to be done by user as Daily maintenance, Weekly maintenance, and the maintenance before vacation.

There is also auto-maintenance such as “auto flushing”, so please make sure that you do not turn the machine power off.

Please refer to following manual to see more detail information.
『Operation manual』-[Chapter 4]

“Cleaning solution” to use for maintenance
The standard cleaning solution which shipped with machine is the solution for the “Rc-ink”, but you can also use it for the “Sb-ink”.
However the flushing capacity of this solution is not strong enough for the “Sb-ink”, so we recommend that you order the other cleaning solution which is for the “Sb-ink” if your machine has Sb-ink set.

【Daily Maintenance –At the end of your work-】
Please operate the following maintenance ①~③ at the end of your work everyday.
① 「Maintenance for the capping station」
You can remove ink mist or dust from the capping station, and it will help to reduce the “nozzle out issue” or refresh the “print head nozzle condition”.
Hit [ST.MAIN] key and select [Nozzle clean 2]
If you select this function, you can maintain around “print head”, “print nozzle surface”, “wiper”, “wiper cleaner”, “the sponge which is underneath of wiper” and “cap rubber” in one sequence.
See details in following manual.
Operation manual 』-[Chapter 4]-[Maintaining the Capping Station]-[Maintain the Head surface]

② 「Cleaning mist fan filter」
You can refresh the filter and it improves the adsorption efficiency for ink mist.
Reducing the ink mist also prevents from printer movement malfunction.

③ 「Check the Waste ink tank」
You can prevent machine from waste ink overflow.
There is no overflow sensor for the waste ink tank, so even if it gets full, machine will not warn by any message.
So discharge the waste ink tank if it is close to full amount.

【Weekly maintenance (At the end of work on the last week day)】
① 「Wash ink discharge passage (Drain wash)」
You can prevent from the ink clogging issue which appears between the cap rubber and the waste ink tank.

② 「Cleaning the Exterior surface」
You can reduce the risk of “Nozzle clogging issue”, or “Nozzle out issue”, because if you clean up dust it will not attach to the print head nozzle.

③ 「Cleaning of peeling sensor」(Only for Tx400B
You can prevent from take up malfunction which is caused by dirty peeling sensor.

【Maintenance before vacation (If you do not use printer for over 1 week)】
① 「Storage Wash」
If you leave the printer for over 12 hours with power off, even the capping is on, the ink will be filled
up on the cap and it is caused by nozzle clogged issue.
So if you operate the “Storage Wash” function, you can wash out the ink line and prevent from
the nozzle clogged issue.
See details in following manual.
Operation manual 』-[Chapter 4]-[ Maintaining the Capping Station]-[When the Machine is not used for a long time]

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