Ink mist appears too much

  • Please check the following contents.

1. Make sure that the printer environment condition (Temperature, Humidity, Dust) is under the specification.
Allowable Room temperature:15~30℃ (59~86F)
Accuracy ensuring temperature:20~25℃ (68~77F)
Relative Humidity:35~65% (No dew condensation)
Temperature Gradient: [±10℃ (18F)/h or less]
Dust: [Equivalent to the normal office level: The floating dust amount has to be 0.15mg/㎥ or less]

2. Make sure the printer does not be influenced by any kinds of wind.
The ink which is fired by print head is small particles which can be deflected so easily by wind.
Please make sure the printer does not get air flow directly from any kinds of air machine.

3. Check the head gap is 3.0mm (≒0.118 inch) or not.
The head gap value which you adjusted with the “Head height adjustment rod” can be 3.0mm (≒0.118 inch).
Please see the following manual to see more details about the head gap adjustment.
Operation manual 』-[Chapter 2]-[Setting a Media]-[Adjusting the Head Height]

If the adhesive of the feeding belt surface is not enough to hold a media, the media will be waved or the edge will be curved. Before you set up media, you should check the feeding belt surface has enough adhesive or not.

4. Ink mist appears if the media surface has static electricity.
If the surface has static,
・ The ink which went through down the media, it will reattach to the back side of the media surface due to the static.
・ The ink is not fired straightly due to the ink mist.

If your media is Synthetic fiber (Polyester, Nylon, Acrylic, etc.), we recommend you to set up a static elimination device like an Ionizer. If you set it up on your machine, please be sure that you set it up over the media surface which is the back side of the Y gantry to remove the static before the printer prints on the surface.

Also, you may be able to improve the pre-treatment liquid to reduce the static.
As an example, if you put moisturizer agent into the pre-treatment liquid, it may helps to reduce the static issues. We do not recommend you to put citric acid because the citric acid has tendency to have static.

5. Use the fabric retainer and the ink mist platen (For Tx400D only)
It will also reduce ink mist.
Please see the following manual to see more detail about these parts.
Operation manual 』-[Chapter 1]-[Name and function of the parts under the front cover]-[Fabric retainer]

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