Eco-friendly water-based ink "LX100"

Water-based "LX100" ink has very little VOC (volatile organic compound) and does not need special ventilating equipment. This is an eco-friendly ink which improves the print production environment.

Available in all scenes outdoors or indoors.

Resins and pigments in latex ink form a thin film by the volatilization of ink vehicle and they are fixed on the media. Therefore, the "LX100" ink adheres well on PVC and banner (tarpaulin) that are widely used for sign manufacturing, and most eco-solvent compatible media. Moreover, non-coat media without ink acceptance layer, such as paper and cloth, can be printed as well. This excellent media capability is attractive and will expand business opportunities.

Selectable color mode depending on your print work

Eight ink cartridges can be installed. One of ink color configuration is chosen at the time of introduction. Two major color configurations
5-color mode (CMYK + white): White ink print feature. 4-color mode(CCMMYYKK): Higher productivity purpose for large sized print such like billboards.

JV400-130/160LX features

Heater coverKeeps constant temperature.

Ventilation fan unitKeeps constant temperature and stabilizes printing.

Drying heaterDries ink with hot air.

World's First Latex White Ink

Latex White Ink accentuates the true vividness of other colors and it is used as under/over-coating on transparent or colored materials. The latex white ink is ideal for window graphics etc.

Eco-friendly & Economical white ink consumption

The JV400130/160LX comes with MCT (*) that prevents pigment sedimentation by regular white ink circulation. The MCT achieves stable inkjet even soon after turning on the machine. Additionally, this technology reduces white ink waste and therefore it provides eco-friendly and economical print operation. (*) MCT = Mimaki Circulation Technology. MCT works only with white ink.

MCT(Mimaki Circulation Technology)

Low ink curing temperature 60°C expands media variation

Heat sensitive media like PET can be used with Mimaki latex ink and color variance caused by high heat is reduced. By combining its excellent media compatibility with cold cure, low temperature curing, the latex ink can meet diversifying diversified needs of clients with detailed and flexible responses and higher quality.
* Depending on media, the curing temperature may need to be above 60°C. may be necessary.

Low ink curing temperature 60°C expands media variation | image

Advanced ink technology

Latex Ink (LX100)

Resins and pigments in latex ink form a thin film by the volatilization of ink vehicle and they are fixed on the media. Non coat media without ink acceptance layer, such as paper and cloth, can be printed as well. This broad media capability is attractive.

No drying time needed!
Printed media are ready to be used right after the print!

There is no need to wait to use or process print media because Mimaki latex ink is already adhered on the media immediately after printing. Print media outputted from JV400LX printer are ready to be laminated. Mimaki latex ink dramatically improves work efficiency.

How to Fix Latex Ink

Newly developed high-speed print head

Two newly developed print heads with four rows of 320 nozzles per head are in-line arranged. Top quality high speed print is realized.

print head | Nozzle length of 54.2 mm (2 inches)

The arrangement image of Mohd another print head nozzle
JV400LX Print Speed

*All are 4-color mode print speed

High quality print supported by technology

Depending on the media or output design, the drop sizes of ink from the print head can be selected with a minimum of 4 pl.
Multidrop function to provide three different drop sizes at once achieves ungranular, smooth and fascinating print results.
Mimaki's proprietary head control technology realizes an unrivaled high definition & high resolution print.

High quality print supported by technology | Minimum4pl

3Way heater + drying heater

3Way heater + drying heater  image3 Way Intelligent Heater enhances the color reproduction and fixability of ink by heating the media to proper temperature before, during and after printing.

Fail-safe function ensures continuous print work.

Nozzle Recovery Function

With nozzle recovery function

Without the nozzle recovery function, when printing and nozzle clogging or failure occurs that could not be resolved by the nozzle cleaning function, printers have to wait stop until the Mimaki service team arrives. When it comes to this function, even if nozzle washing has no effect on a troubled nozzle, the print image quality can be retained immediately without slowing down the print process.
* The recoverability of this function is limited.

UISS (Uninterrupted Ink Supply System)

Two ink cartridges per color are set in 4-color mode. If the ink level of one cartridge is used up, the ink is automatically supplied from another cartridge. The printer stop due to no more ink is prevented.
Going out for business during printer operation; confirming in the morning the output which is set at night. These needs are met.

UISS (Uninterrupted Ink Supply System)  imageUISS (Uninterrupted Ink Supply System)

Raster Link6

It will be meaningless if such high performance software is hard to use ...
New RasterLink is focused on understandability and usability.
With many new functions, "Software RIP for Everybody" has been completed, which provides more beautiful and more advanced finish through its simpleness and universal usability.

Intuitive and user-friendly operability


Basic setting items are indicated by icons, enabling intended operation to be performed intuitively without hesitation.


Related settings are put together on one screen and screen switching is reduced, enabling operation to be more readily done.
Also, you can "Register as Favorite" the settings.


When printing, you can visually confirm the job progress on the main screen.

* By clicking the image, you can see a large picture of Raster Link6 establishment screen.

Added convenient functions

Function1 Three ink layers in one pass print function

A three-layer print of color, white and color can be performed at one time.
The underlay printing of a base layer of white ink helps reproduce the natural beauty of colors printed on transparent media. Window graphics can be printed with high precision and no multi-pass color registration shift.

One pass print is possible at one time.
Function2 Layout function as desired

Three ink layers or copied images are freely laid out if print conditions are the same.
This function reduces the media waste by enabling an efficient layout.

Function3Multi-profile, simultaneous printing function

Several profiles that match conditions can be simultaneously printed.
This is effective for test output when the profile for a target image quality or color requires multiple "profile" test prints. Users can select the best profile after actually investigating the output.
* To be supported by RasterLink6 program update in a few days

Supports Web update function.

Supports the Web update function well-received in RasterLinkPro5. Program update and profile download can be easily performed via Web.

Easy Operation! New RIP RasterLink6
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