"Expiration/Expiration:1MONTH/Expiration:2MONTH" is displayed.

  • Ink has an expiration date to prevent deterioration of image quality.

When the ink expiration date expires, "Expiration/Expiration:1MONTH/Expiration:2MONTH" is displayed to inform you of the expiration.
Replace with an ink cartridge that has not expired.

* Example of where the Expiry Date is located
 Located at the bottom of the label attached to the ink pack.

[About operation after expiration]
“Expiration” will be displayed the month after the expiration date.
Inks can be used without replacement until the month after the expiration date but will be unusable after 3 months.  

(Example) When the expiration date is February 2021;

Make sure to replace inks as soon as possible for expired ink can cause image quality deterioration such as color change.
For information on how to replace the ink cartridges, please refer to the FAQ
"How do I replace the ink cartridge (ink pack)?"

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