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Although having responded to sheet-type advertisements such as outdoor graphics, outside posters, wallpaper, and graphics on floor, we were in need of another way of production as more requests for three-dimensional sign displays and sales promotion items for stores.
UV print using UCJV300-160 allows us to respond to various media. We were impressed by beautiful color development of Mimaki's white ink whose color density is high with no color mixture. It is used on wrapping film for vehicles, as well as on wallpaper and window film.
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Our main job is production of construction signboards and safety signs, of which delivery time is as short as 2-3 days. In spite of such short delivery time, because of over 24h of required drying time of solvent ink printing, we had kept some customers waited.
The UV printer UCJV300-130 requires no ink drying time. It allows to attach the printed sheet on the construction signboard right after printing, which improved the work efficiency. Having the cutting function, it supports small lot production and contributes to cost reduction when producing products like stickers used at construction sites.
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Efforts of Mimaki
Collaborated in the printing production of Daido Moriyama's installation work “Lip Bar” at the “KAMU L” exhibition space in “KAMU kanazawa”, an art museum.
Cooperated to print the installation work “Lip Bar” with our UV printer “UJV100-160”.
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