"ERROR 404 Y Current” or “ERROR 402 Motor Y” is displayed.

  • "ERROR 404 Y Current” or “ERROR 402 Motor Y” may occur when there is any load on the left or right movement of the print head or cutter head.

See followings.

1. Check for anything that might come into contact with the head.
- The media may be hitting or rubbing against something.
- The cap absorber in the station may be floating and hitting the head.

If the absorber is floating and hitting the head, wear maintenance gloves and push it in by hand.
If the cap absorber is heavily soiled, replace it with a new absorber.

- Cap Absorber: UCJV CAP ABSORBER SET (SPA-0296)
- Replacing procedure: UCJV300/150 Procedure manual for the replacement of the Cap absorbent set

2. Turn off the main power on the right side of the main unit, wait for a while, and then restart.

If the error is still displayed, please contact your local dealer for assistance.

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