"DRV: A device attached to the system is not functioning" is shown while printing and the print is interrupted.

  • This error occurs when data transmission is stopped in transit by a communication failure. Please see the following.

1. Confirm the connection and capacity of the computer
  - This error may be caused by USB connection failure
   (1) Try turning off the printer and RIP computer, then unplug the USB cable once
     and reconnect the cable and turn on the printer and RIP computer again.
   (2) The computer USB port may be damaged. Try inserting the USB cable to
     another USB port.
   (3) When connecting the USB cable with USB repeater cable, test the operation
     without extending the cable.
   (4) If the cable is damaged or disconnected by mechanical stress, change the cable.

  There may be incompatible USB2.0 cables in the market. Use recommended
  USB cable (OPT-J0137: USB2.0 cable (5m)) which is tested.

  - The computer may be overloaded.
   (1) If other USB devices are connected to RIP computer, unplug them.
   (2) Backup necessary job data and delete unnecessary job data in the job list.
   (3) Try disc cleanup and defragmentation of the RIP computer.

2. Confirm the operation environment
  - Does the computer meet specifications?
   Confirm the specification of the RIP computer. Error is likely to occur if Intel chipset
   is not used in the computer.
   Specification of the computer for Raster Link Pro 5, please see here.
   Specification of the computer for Raster Link 6, please see here.

  - Is the printer grounded? Are countermeasures of electrical noise taken around the printer?
   If the printer is not grounded, communication failure and malfunction may be caused
   by ground leakage of the other device and voltage variation, so please ground the device.
   If the large machinery which generates noise is also installed near the printer,
   communication failure and malfunction may occur.
   Please take the same countermeasures mentioned above.

  - Is there any damage on the RIP computer?
   Problem in USB communication may be caused by computer problems.
   Try using another computer to test USB communication.

  - Is the computer infected?
   If the computer is infected, performance deterioration and serious malfunction may be
   caused. Run the anti-virus software and clean the virus or reinstall OS.

3. Change the connection between the printer and the computer
   Consider to change the connection as follows:
   (1) Use the USB cable (less than 3m long) and USB hub for cable extension.

   (2) If (1) above does not help, install additional USB Interface Board in the computer.

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