What kind of daily maintenance is required?

  • Please perform your daily maintenance to ensure the long-lasting precision and performance.

- At the end of the work day
(1) Clean surroundings of the heads
(2) Clean the capping station
(3) Clean the wiper
(4) Clean the media holder
(5) Clean the media sensor

- At the end of the week's work
(1) Clean the platen
(2) Clean the cover (exterior)
(3) Dispose the waste ink. (If “Check waste ink tank” message appeared)
(4) Clean the ink discharge channel

- When noticeably dirty
(1) Replace with the exhaust fan filter
(2) Replace with the wiper absorber

- When not used for more than a week
Please perform [CUSTODY WASH] to clean the head nozzles and the ink discharge path when you do not use your printer for one week or more.
Do not turn off the main power of the machine during storage, as the machine will perform auto-maintenance such as cleaning.
Leaving the printer without storage cleaning may cause nozzle clogging or other problems due to coagulation of the ink.

See [Operation manual] > [Chapter 6 Maintenance] > [When this printer is left unused for a long time] for the procedure of [Custody Wash].
Please refer to "Requests for Care and Maintenance" for the procedures and necessary tools for each item.

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