How do I perform daily maintenance?

  • Please perform following maintenance.

【Tools required for maintenance】
 1. Clean stick (SPC-0527, 50 sticks enclosed)
 2. F-200/LF-200 cleaning kit (SPC-0569, washing liquid 100ml and gloves enclosed)
 3. Gloves (attached with SPC-0569)
 4. Goggles (attachment)
 5. Soft cloth (Cleaned unwoven cotton)

【Before you perform the maintenance】
 Be sure to wear protective goggles and gloves when you use washing liquid.

【Once a day (at the end of the daily work)】
 1. Cleaning the Surroundings of the heads
 2. Cleaning the Capping station.
 3. Cleaning the Wiper.
 4. Cleaning the Media press.
 5. Cleaning the Media sensors.
 6. Waste the ink inside of the waste ink tank.

【Once a week (at the end of the work on weekend)】 
 1. Cleaning the Platen.
 2. Cleaning the Exterior of the machine.

【If gets dirty】
 Replacing the Cap ink absorber.
 Make sure to replace it if ink is attached to all over surface of Cap ink absorber.

【Once a month】
 Replacing the H fan filter

【Once 2 or 3 month】
 Cleaning the Ink discharge path.

【If machine shows message to replace】
 1. Replacing the Wiper
 2. Replacing the Ink tank (once a year)

 Refer to your “Requests for Care and Maintenance” and “Operation manual
 to learn the maintenance procedures and necessary tools.

【If you are not using the printer for a long term (more than a week)】
 If you are not using the printer for more than one week due to your long-term
 break or so, make sure to operate [CUSTODY WASH] function, and clean the
 head nozzles and ink waste path.
 Please be sure not to turn off the main power switch of the printer
 because machine executes auto-maintenance function such as cleaning.

 Refer to the [CUSTODY WASH] for the procedure;
 [Operation Manual]-> [Chapter 4 Maintenance]- >
 [When the Machine Is Not Used for a Long Time] to learn how.

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