How do I cut transparent sheets?

  • Turn off the sheet sensor function and set the cutting area.

When cutting transparent or black-backed sheets, the machine may fail to detect the sheet and display an error message.
In this case, if you set the sheet sensor function to "off," the sheet detection operation will not be performed, so these errors will not be displayed.

- If you turn off the sheet sensor function, be sure to set the [CUT AREA].
- If the cut area is not set, the presence of the sheet and the end of the sheet will not be detected,
  so there is a risk of cutting beyond the sheet edge, continuing the cut even after the sheet has ended,
  and other issues.

* Please refer to the FAQ below for instructions on how to turn off the sheet sensor function
  and set the cut area.
  “ERROR 41b **NO MEDIA** was displayed when a transparent sheet was loaded

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