How can the Head gap be adjusted?

  • Print head gap can be adjusted up or down depending on the thickness of media.

Loosen the two screws on the front of the head carriage. Adjust the height lever, then lock the two screws again. The head gap should be in the range indicated in the table below. The table lists the distance from head surface to the platen.

●If solvent ink is used with the material less than 1mm thick, set the head height to 2mm. If the head gap is too large, ink discharge will be inconsistent, resulting in poor image quality.

●Low Range and Head Height “Thin”

Be sure to adjust “Drop position adjustment” if you change the Head height or media thickness. If this adjustment is not performed, the edge of the image or vertical lines will be unregistered.

● Low Range and Hi Range:
Switching between Low Range and High Range on the JV33 requires careful adjustment. This work should be performed by Mimaki authorized Service personnel. Depends on the Ink type and customer requirement, Service personnel will perform the proper adjustments during installation.

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