How can I register "Head Gap" or "Media Thickness"?

  • Please check the following chart which explains "Head gap" and "Media Thickness".

+Head Gap registration procedure:
Press [FUNCTION] key -> [HEAD HEIGHT] -> [HEAD GAP] -> [(Input 1.5mm or less)]
On the printer display, the head gap may be set from 1.0mm to 5.0mm.
However, please input 1.5mm or less to maximize print quality and protect the print heads.

Media Thickness registration procedure:
There are three procedures to register the thickness of the media.
Please refer the following manual to see the procedure for each.
Operation Manual ”-[Chapter 3]-[Registering the thickness of the media]
1. [Input the thickness manually
2. [Adjust and Register the thickness with “UP” key and “DOWN” key manually]
3. 「Adjust and Register the thickness automatically」
Caution) Before operating No.3 function, make sure the RED LED light pointer (mounted on the left side of print head carriage) is on the print media surface and not on the table surface.

The importance to register the “Head Gap”:
You can protect the print result or printer itself from some serious problems.
Please see the following documents to see the details.
1. 「Q:Cautions to print on a Thick media and Solid media
2. 『.Precaution when printing in head gap more than 2.0mm

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