Do I need to remove Static from print media surface?

  • Static electricity on the media surface will cause serious print quality and printer problems. If your media generates static electricity, you need to remove or reduce it. If the printer is installed in a carpeted area, it is easily to build up static electricity on media surface.

1. Problems due to the Static Electricity:

“Ink mist” will be noticed on the print. The print head fires ink, but the ink can not be fired straight because of the static electricity.
The droplets will deflect and the print result will be fuzzy.

Once the Ink mist appears, it will create the following issues.
・ Ink mist will be attach to some important printer parts such as the encoder scale.
→Printer will not fire ink in the correct position.
・ Ink mist will be attach to the print head surface and head guard plate.
→This will cause “Nozzle clogged issue”, “Nozzle deflection issue”, and “Nozzle dropping issue”

2. Countermeasures to remove or reduce the Static Electricity:
① Wiping the media surface with alcohol or spraying antistatic spray helps to reduce the static electricity. However if you wipe the surface, some “Wiped mark” may be left on the surface.

② The antistatic device also helps to reduce static electricity from the media surface.
You can attach the following option parts on JFX.
Parts name:「Ionizer Kit」(P/N:OPT-J0213)
Please see more details in the following document.
Q: What kind of option unit is available?

③ Increasing room humidity also helps to reduce static issue.

④ Check the printer is grounded correctly or not by an electrical worker.

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