Is there any caution to print on 3D-media?

  • Please see followings.

In case of printing on 3D-media, please prepare and set a particular jig which
has the same height as the media to reduce ink mist.
For details, please refer to [Precaution when printing in head gap more than 2mm]

[Precaution when print on colored or colorless transparent media]

When you print on transparent media especially it is colored with red, orange,
or colorless transparent media, the sensor light from the obstruction sensor
(invisible light beams) may get through the media, and it may sense the media height
wrongly then a carriage may crash against the media.

As a caution to avoid the head crash, firstly set each media on a jig flatly.
Refer to the following ideas as good example to have correct height detection
by the obstruction sensor.
Before start printing, make sure the obstruction sensor can detect your print media
height correctly or not with these ideas.

1. Put a masking tape from inside of the media to make the obstruction sensor can read it.

2. Make another jig for each media to make obstruction sensor reads it.

3. If the media has convexes (such as below fig 1), put a masking tape on the
  convex surface and set the media in the direction which the taped convex surface
  can be catched the sensor light (such as below fig 2).

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