How can I calculate ink consumption level per print?

  • You can calculate ink consumption level per print by the following procedure.

(1) On the job listing screen, go to [Environment]→[Option].

(2) Go to the Option Window, click on [Job Control] tab, check on [Calculate Ink Consumption],
  and click on [OK] button.

(3) Select the job you need from the job listing, and select print options.
  *The volume of ink consumption differs by the options.

(4) Print job by right-clicking on the job you print. Select either [Immediate Print], [RIP & Print],
  or [RIP ONLY].
  *If you perform the procedure #4, RIP completion data turns into “Pending” or “Finished”.
  *If you need to check it before print, select [RIP ONLY].

5) Open property by right-clicking the job you print, and check the ink consumption level on
  *The displayed number is not precise. Consider the numbers as the referential.

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