What system configuration do I need?

  • The following is the basic system configuration

- Ethernet and USB2.0 cannot be connected at the same time.
- Print & Cut data is transferred from Adobe Illustrator to “RasterLink6Plus or RasterLink7 (*2)”
 via “FineCut8 or FineCut/Coat9 (*1)” or “RasterLinkTools (*1)”.
 The computer and the printer are connected with USB2.0 cable (*2) or LAN cable (*2).
 Note that “Raster Link6 Plus or RasterLink7”, “FineCut8” and “RasterLinkTools” come with the main unit.
 “CuttingLink (*1)” is not attached. Please download it from Mimaki website.

- “FineCut8”, “FineCut/Coat9” and “RasterLinkTools” are the plug-in software for Adobe Illustrator
   and CorelDRAW.
- “CuttingLink” is required for using ID cut function.

You need to prepare a PC for installing RIP (RasterLink6Plus or RasterLink7)
and USB2.0 cable (OPT-J0137)or LAN cable to operate UCJV300/150.

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