Tiling says "The size of tile on the left (right) corner is too small".

  • Please see the followings:

Minimum size of one tile is 25.4mm (1 inch). If the size of the tile which is less than 25.4mm is detected, the display shows “The size of tile is too small”.

If you divide 1000.92mm-width of data by 500mm, you will have two pieces of 500mm-width tile, and one piece of 0.92mm-width tile on the left, and the display shows “The tile on the left side is too small”.

Follow the procedure #1 or #2 below to avoid creating the tile whose size is less than 25.4mm.
1. Adjust work-size before dividing.
2. Adjust the width to divide.

1. Adjust work-size.
  Ignore decimal numbers of the work-size width 1000.92mm, and make it 1000.00mm.
  You can divide the width into 500mm each because the numbers of decimals are removed.

2. Adjust dividing width.
  Integrate 0.92mm tile into 2nd tile.
  1) Click on [Left] ([Right]) button at [Individual Designation] and the tile slides for selection.
    Select the 2nd tile.
   *The selected tile has its divided parts surrounded (by blue lines) in preview screen.

  2) Ender the width 500.92mm and press ENTER.

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