The output length has changed

  • Try reducing the sheet feeding speed (UP SPEED) to a slower value.

If the sheet feed speed (UP SPEED) is too fast, there is a possibility of media slipping and causing misalignment during media transport, as well as the potential for changes in output length
Please follow the steps below to decrease the feed speed (UP SPEED) of the sheet.
Also check the clamp pressure.

If the cutting result is inappropriate, check the following corrective actions.
Symptoms Cause Checkpoints
The sheet feed speed is too fast. The sheet feed speed is too fast. Check "Corrective action 1“
The clamping pressure is inappropriate. Check "Corrective action 2“

Corrective action 1

1. Press the FUNC1 key on the LOCAL mode screen.

2. Press the "∧" and "∨" keys to select [SETTING] and press the [ENTER/HOLD] key.

3. Press the "∧" and "∨" keys to select [UP SPEED] and press the [ENTER/HOLD] key.

4. Press the "∧" and "∨" keys to select the value of [UP SPEED X] and press the [ENTER/HOLD] key to set it.

5. Press the "∧" and "∨" keys to select the setting value of  [UP SPEED Y] and press the [ENTER/HOLD] key to set it.

* This setting adjusts the speed at which the cutter moves horizontally when cutting.  
The recommended setting value is "AUTO" (the default value is 100).

6. Press the [END] key several times to return to the LOCAL screen.


The settings are now complete.

Corrective action 2

Please adjust the strength of the clamps (mechanism that holds down the sheet with pinch rollers) to be symmetrical on both sides.
For example, in the case of a 3-point clamping system, if the clamps are set asymmetrically as “high-low-low”, it will result in uneven pressure on the sheet, which can cause sheet misalignment.
Set the clamp High/Low mode using the clamp pressure lever.

Always use the clamp levers at both ends in the “High” mode.
Using the "low" mode can cause sheet misalignment (cutting distortion).
Set the clamping force of the intermediate clamp to "high" mode as well. If there are grid roller marks on the sheet, please choose the “Low” mode.

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