Print result has different color density area

  • [Recovery Procedure]

Change the “Pass” setting to multiple number of “3” (like 6pass, or 12pass).
This printer has three stagger print heads structure on the head carriage.
Therefore if you use the multiple number of “3” as print pass (like 6 or 12pass), the issue might be reduced than using the passes which is the multiple number of “2” (like 4 or 8 pass).

The followings might be the cause of the different color density issue.
The media feeding amount may not correct
Please adjust the media feeding amount after you set media on printer because the media feeding amount is different between each media.
You can refer to the following manual to adjust the media feeding.
• [Operation manual]-[Chapter 3]-[Setting Media Feed]
The media feeding may not be straight
When you set up a media on the printer, it may not straight between “Feeding Unit” and “Take up Unit”. If you can see that one side of media edge is straight line but the other side is wavy, the media setting may not straight.
Please see the following manual to feed the media straight.
• [Operation manual]-[Chapter 2]-[Setting a Media]
• The other Q&A
[What is the counter weight for? How to set up?]
The head gap may be too high to get good print result
If the printer prints on the media surface with larger head gap than 3.0mm (≈0.118 inch), the printer will have ink mist on the print result which can be caused of the color density difference issue.
Please check and redo head gap adjustment with “Head height adjustment rod” which you can see detail in the following manual. If you do the head gap adjustment with the rod, the head gap will be about 3.0mm (≈0.118inch).
• [Operation manual]-[Chapter 2]-[Setting a Media]-[Adjusting the Head Height]
• The other Q&A [How much the head gap is required?]

If the carriage movement is not constant, it might be the cause of different color density issue
If the print head carriage moves and paused while printing, color density of the paused area will be difference due to the ink drying time difference.
There are the following two possibilities which pause and resume the print head movement.
Auto cleaning while printing.
The slow data transfer speed from PC
Counter measure;
You can set the auto cleaning interval
You can set the auto cleaning interval between 1 to 250m (≈3.3 to 820.2 ft) print distance. If you see the different color density issue too much, you should make the interval value longer.
Or, if you have many copies which you use the copy function of Raster Link Pro, you can avoid to have the auto cleaning while printing, but you can have it between images, so you do not have any difference color density issue on the print image. Please see more details in following manual to set up.
• [Operation manual]-[Chapter 3]-[Setting Automatic Cleaning]-[Setting of cleaning while printing]
However the setting can be activate with only for following conditions.
a. Use “MIMAKI Raster Link Pro5 TA” as a RIP software
If you use the other RIP software, the setting can not be activated.
b. The version of “MIMAKI Raster Link Pro5 TA” has to be more than Ver2.10 or later.
You can download the newer version from MIMAKI homepage.
Improve the data transfer speed.
a. If you use the Raster Link Pro5TA as a RIP software and using [RIP&Print], you should use [Print after RIP] or [RIP only] first, then [Print only] to send a data to printer.
b. Check the USB cable and USB port on PC is compliant for USB2.0 or not.

Pre-treatment for the media surface may not even
Even on the same media surface, if the “Pre-treatment for the media surface is not even”, “Refining process is not enough for the media”, or “the environment (Temperature and humidity) changed a lot after printing”, you may have the different color density issue.
If so, please try to print on the other media to make sure that you see the same print result or not.

If you do not see any different color density issue right after printing, but you see the issue after the “After-treatment”
If you see this kind of issue, it means the issue was just not be able to see it, but it was there, and you can see it more clearly after the After-treatment.
Countermeasure for this issue is same as above all information.

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