I cannot open job editor because the status is not ready.

  • Please see the following:

If job editor is opened already, the status of job listing says editing, and you try to open the editing screen of the job in editing mode, you get error message saying "Can not operate the job which is not ready”. Check if there is no job editor hiding behind RasterLinkPro screen.

*You cannot open job editor, if the status of job does not say “Printed”, “Ready”, “Cancel”, or “Error”.

[How to check the procedure from Window’s task bar]
If job editor is opened, job editor button shows up in the Window’s task bar.
Click on the “Job editor” in the task bar, and open the window.

*The screen above is Windows7, but this procedure also applies to WindowVista/XP.

If icons in the task bar overlap one another, click on RasterLinkPro5 icon, then job editor will be expanded on the bar.

*The screen above is Window7.

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