Mimaki creates a replica painting for Miwa Komatsu solo exhibition

Efforts of Mimaki
Ueda city art museum.
Mimaki overcame difficult challenges, and created a perfect replica print.

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Miwa Komatsu Solo Exhibition—Dreams and challenges of a painter, Miwa Komatsu—

Miwa Komatsu Solo Exhibition
—Dreams and challenges of a painter, Miwa Komatsu—

Mimaki was asked by an exhibition organizer and Ms. Miwa Komatsu to create a replica painting of "Shin-Fudoki"* using a Mimaki inkjet printer. Since the "Shin-Fudoki" has been dedicated to Izumo-taisha*, an original painting was unobtainable.

Fudoki: Name of an ancient report that was submitted to the central government from each regional office.
Izumo-taisha: The most ancient and important shrine in Japan.

●Exhibit: Miwa Komatsu Solo Exhibition—Dreams and challenges of a painter, Miwa Komatsu—  
●Dates: December 6, 2014 to January 12, 2015 Closed on Tuesday
●Time: 9:00 to 17:00
●Venue: Ueda city art museum
     15-15 Tenjin, 3 Chome, Ueda, Nagano, Japan

Challenges for Mimaki

To create a perfect replica print, Mimaki focused on achieving two major challenges:

■ Faithful color reproduction
■ Representing her painting style delicately and dynamically

Faithful color reproduction

  • Digital photograph data of the painting were processed by an image processing software to create a perfect replica.
  • The data were rasterized by RasterLink6 and printed.
  • Several small print samples were printed in different print conditions. Ms. Komatsu selected the best print.

Representing her unique painting style

  • Mimaki JFX500-2131 employs IMS* control that ensures high ink dot placement accuracy. JFX500 is a large format flat bed printer but enables printing of clear and legible small characters in a font size of 2 pt. Such high accurate print technology faithfully reproduced delicate lines of an original painting.
  • Thanks to an anti-banding function "MAPS II"*, dynamic brushwork was smoothly represented on boundaries between print swathes without uneven color.
  • Mimaki's superior inkjet technology is capable of controlling three different sizes of ink droplets and it reproduced beautiful and smooth gradation of the original painting.

 IMS: Intelligent Microstepping System
 MAPS II: Mimaki Advanced Pass System II

The replica was printed by JFX500-2131

The replica was printed by JFX500-2131

The replica was printed by JFX500-2131

The replica was printed by JFX500-2131

After the replica creation

Ms. Komatsu examined the replica and was satisfied with the print results.
Since the replica met her high requirements, she ordered two more replica paintings for her upcoming exhibitions.

A replica of Shin-Fudoki

A replica of Shin-Fudoki

Ms. Miwa Komatsu

Ms. Miwa Komatsu

Entrance to the venue

Entrance to the venue

Fabric signage inside the museum

Fabric signage inside the museum

Miwa Komatsu

Born in Nagano, Japan, in 1984.
She displays her artistic talent in a wide range of genres including copperplate engraving, painting, Kimono design, and porcelain painting. Her artworks have unique aesthetics and move a viewer's emotions.

>> Miwa Komatsu | Official website


"Shin-Fudoki" was dedicated to Izumo-taisha by Ms. Komatsu on May 11, 2014.
She formally visited "Kamiari-sai" held at Izumo-taisha in November 2013, and gained strong inspiration from this event. After visiting Izumo-taisha, she offered to dedicate her painting to the shrine. The shrine administration accepted her proposal. She stayed in Izumo and created a painting for over a month. During her stay in Izumo, she was exposed to local cultures through reading Japanese ancient stories, "Kojiki" and "Fudoki," and visiting many shrines. Those experiences made her think about the universe.

A star shaped diamond is placed in the center of the painting. Additionally, one can see the universe and a blazing fetus who has a spirit of reconciliation in an eye.

When the painting was dedicated to the shrine, the diamond emitted a light when Shinto prayers were started. At that time, there was neither a window nor a light source; however, several people saw the light. It was the moment when the universe and the painting were linked at a sacred place, Izumo.

Product used to make replica painting

JFX500-2131 logo

Max Speed 60m2/h.
Powerful combination of Speed and Quality.

>> JFX500-2131|Product information page

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