GRADIO Ltd. (Sapporo city, Hokkaido)

The company needs to print the image on aluminum, stainless, film and other materials to offer differentiated products.
Customers are amazed at vibrant color and high color reproducibility of sublimation printing.

Clients' surprise of the color developing after the transfer

■GRADIO Ltd.(Sapporo city, Hokkaido)
TEL:81-11-733-7055 FAX:81-11-733-7057
Industry: Interior decorating, signage production and processing

Introduced printer: JV4-130


GRADIO was founded in 2002, and they have handled signage products and interior decorating which are specified to printing on unusual material such as alminium, stainless, and film by sublimation inkjet printer.


"In the beginning of the introduction of the JV4-130, there were few clients who know sublimation transfer in Hokkaido. So, it was really hard to explain about how the sublimation transfer works. To let people know the sublimation transfer, we made a lot of samples and product guides, and gave a presentation to customers every day."

Example of construction

【What are the good points of JV4?】
"The print speed of JV4 is really fast, and strong enough for everyday use. Most of all, the color reproducibility after the transfer, and color development is excellent. The heavy texture of the metallic texture is emphasized by the color, and the printed products suprise clients." said Mr. Ono.

the scene of machine operation

Now they have clients with a wide range of fields including major general contractors, hotels, and apparels, which make them very busy with their operation.

Example of construction

Substrate: Stainless (Matte)
Size: About 12 ㎡

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  • NameGRADIO Ltd.
  • IndustryInterior decorating, signage production and processing
  • AddressSapporo-shi, Hokkaido, Japan
  • Phone numberTEL:81-11-733-7055 / FAX:81-11-733-7057
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