Nagano Tectron Co., Ltd. (Nagano city, Nagano)

Finding the optimum UV curable inkjet printer for small-lot production.
UJF-605C provides multi color printing in a small lot at a lower cost than that of screen printing. In addition, much eco-friendly printing method.

Delivers high performance in the production of
membrane switch in small lot.
"The creation of the environmentally friendly input device" is achieved.

Nagano Tectron Co., Ltd(Nagano city, Nagano)
Industry: Design and production of the keyboard / membrane switch / PCB, and printing on the multiple color sheet.

Installed printer: UV curing inkjet printer "UJF-605C"

Left: Mr.Yanagisawa (Sales)
Right: Mr. Miyazaki (Director)

Left: Mr.Yanagisawa (Sales) Right: Mr. Miyazaki (Director)

Nagano Tectron announced an environmental policy ahead of its industry aiming for "The creation of the environmentally friendly input device". They realized that the UV curing printing is environmentally friendly compared with the screen printing which uses the organic solvent. Then, in November 2005, we introduced the UV curing inkjet printer UJF-605C which was suitable for us.

membrane switch

The main application of the UJF-605C is the creation of the samples with the small production of less than 100 lots, differentiating from the mass production by the screen printing. The screen printng requires plates for each color, so when there are more than 10 colors, even only the cost of the plates are huge. In this case ― creating the samples with multiple colors ― the inkjet printer performs its most prominent feature. Also, the expression of the gradation is one of the strong points of the digital printing. As for the embossing printing, we manage it by adjusting the printing times to the extent that does not crack. We are waiting for the completion of the more flexible UV ink. About the resolution of 1200dpi, we are satisfied. When the productivity increased, we will replace the screen printing with UV curing inkjet printing, which is environmentally friendly and suitable for multiple color printing.

Also, Nagano Tectron released the short cut keyboard, "Favorite Keyboard", in 2006. The logo on the keyboard is printed by UJF-605C. They were planning to print the logo with plain color, but the inkjet printer allowed them to print the logo with the unique colorful design. They are trying to expand the sales with the widespread of online videos.

Favorite Keyboard in 2006 and logo

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  • NameNagano Tectron Co., Ltd.
  • IndustryDesign and production of the keyboard / membrane switch / PCB, and printing on the multiple color sheet.
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