SAN-AI Co., Ltd. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)

Improving efficiency of promotional item production processes.
Mimaki flatbed cutting plotter improved work efficiency remarkably, and business inquiries were increased to 200.

The order of the sample creation increased to 200 orders
by introducing the cutting plotter.

Mr. Kurata (Sales division 2 section 1 )

SAN-AI Co., Ltd.(Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)
Industry: General printing business such as packaging and chemical molded item

Installed printer: Flat bed cutting plotter "CF0912-2"

Mr. Kurata (Sales division 2 section 1 )

SAN-AI Co., Ltd. is a company in the general printing business handling a wide variety of business such area as novelty, commercial art printing, packaging, chemical molded item, on the base of the special printing technology which is from their foundation. SAN-AI offers total solution including the plannning and creation of the print media, and printing and processing, by maximizing their accumulated knowledge and human skill.
SAN-AI obtained ISO certification in 2000 to improve quality and reliability of products. Now they tries to acquire privacy mark.

【For the reduction in working hours and the stable quality】
In recent years, SAN-AI positively introduces the digital technology to the all aspects of work. As part of this approach, they introduced a flat bed cutting plotter "CF0912-2" in August 2001. Before introducing the plotter, a large part of the creation of the samples of novelty was done by hand which took a long time and effort to finish one order.

"Mainly, each sales person takes care of the creation of the smaples of the novelty, so when they used to do the sample creation mostly by hand, it took a lot of trouble such as making technical drawings, and cut it, and put it together. As is the case with the people who had not aquired profificient skills sometimes noticed that the technical drawing was not correct after they complete making the samples. Also it had been the pain that the quality of the products was unstable. In the worst case, it was unable to go out on a sales call for prioritizing the creation of samples. To get out of this situation, we introduced Mimaki's cutting plotter."

Flat bed cutting plotter

【The data-sharing is achieved by digitalization】
"The introduction of the cutting plotter is not the only purpose for reducing working hours or stabilizing the quality. The best part of the digitalization is that the effective utilizaition of the existing data by sharing. If the data of the each person is stocked, the data becomes the template. This allows for the prompt creation of the samples according to the client's request. Since the flexible response to the partial correction or addition of the data became possible, the delivery date was reduced. This led to increase the customer satisfaction and differentiate us from other companies."

After an year have passed since they installed the cutting plotter, the order of the samples increased to 200 orders. The said that the 120 of the orders became high volume production.

【The expansion of the hardware equipment in accordance with the growth of business】
"The department of the novelty accounts for 40% of all, and the novelty market grows more in the future. Devote human resource as the number of the order increase, as well as upgrading and expanding the hardware equipment. To accomplish this, the reliability of the machine, high productivity, high functionality, and affordable price are the requirements. Mimaki's products had a good balance with those elements, which led us to introduce "CF0912-2". We hope that Mimaki continues to offer user-oriented products .

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  • NameSAN-AI Co., Ltd.
  • IndustryGeneral printing business such as packaging and chemical molded item
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