SHOEI PRINTING CO,. LTD. (Shibata city, Niigata)

Expanding business beyond the brochure printing. Aiming to be a one stop print service shop.
Offering product promotional items printed by UV-inkjet printer 'JFX-1631'. Total business offers including brochure printing and promotional ideas can be provided to clients.

Let's become a printng company which "also handles printing"!

CEO: Mr. Sakai

SHOEI PRINTING CO,. LTD.(Shibata city, Niigata)
Industry: Overall printing, Planing and Designing

Installed printer: JFX-1631

CEO: Mr. Sakai

The external appearance of SHOEI PRINTING

【What's your business?】
"Our business started with the slip printing by typographical printing in 1957 (foundation). Now, we handle the offset printing by adopting CTP. Specifically, the periodical publications such as, public relation magazine, community magazine, and free paper account for 70 percent of the total. To respond to the customer demands, we keep ourself updated with the advancement of printing technology, and keep accumulating know-how. With this principles, we try to satisfy our clients in both speed and quality."

Picture: The external appearance of SHOEI PRINTING

【What was the question before introducing JFX-1631】
Printing whatsoever, business has a certain period of the life span. Our bread-and-butter business, publishing, is not an exception. These days, the demand of printing itself is shrinking, and the earnings environment is declining as the price competition intensifies. When thought about the company, 5 or 10 years from then, we found it neccesary to take a step forward into "the next step".

Shipping box of magazine, which can also be used for the display rack (Printed by JFX-1631)

We sometimes received the order of printing brochure of the company, and became to feel that just printing the data sent from the client does not work any more. Take brochure for example, it includes the strong will of the clients to sell their products. However, the purpose of the clients is not the quick delivery and the low cost, but their products to be sold well. Then, we became to think we should offer one-stop service, not only printing catalog but also the promoting products such as, POP, and novelty.

Picture: Shipping box of magazine, which can also be used for the display rack (Printed by JFX-1631)

【What was the decisive factor to introduce JFX-1631?】
"The strong point of the UV curing inkjet printer, which can print on the several material directly, was a necessary element for our one stop business. Especially, we were surprised at the fine image quality of the JFX-1631. We considered for other UV printers, but the great image quality of the JFX-1631 left us no choice but to purchase JFX-1631. Our discriminating staff of offset printing compared the print sample again and again, and JFX-1631 was chosen in the end.

【Was there any change after introduced JFX-1631?】
I tell our staff "Let's become a printng company which "also" handles printing"

Novelty creation
  • Understand or find out the needs from the customer
  • Plan based on the customer needs
  • Present or propose the plan

After introducing the new hardware (JFX-1631), the software (human resource) became the more lively. We periodically make a presentation with dividing our staffs into teams, and propose products which are taken advantage of JFX-1631. Then, we discuss the good point and the need-to-be-improved point of the proposal each other, and propose the products to the clients.

Picture: Novelty creation

The proposal of the original promoting products made by JFX-1631 is received well by clients, and now we receive orders of sign board, novelty, name plate, rack, and store fixture.

All of the staff is looking forward to the contribution of the JFX-1631 to our business, which enables not only printing, but also the one-stop business with the total solution proposal.

From the Installation of the rack to completion

【The good point of SHOEI PRINTING】
SHOEI PRINTING's one-stop business deals with all the process which is related to printing such as CTP, offset, and bookbinding. This allows them to deliver products with the best quality and speed with low cost. In doing this, they won the client trust and received the more orders. What the president, Mr. Sakai, think is the one-stop service which goes beyond printing and bookbinding.

・What is the true purpose of the client?
・What is the product will be, to accomplish the purpose?

Providing the idea which answers the questions above with all the employees, and JFX-1631 takes an important role to brings the idea into shape.

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  • IndustryOverall printing, Planing and Designing
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