TK Corporation Ltd. (Sapporo city, Hokkaido)

We have been waiting for the inkjet printer which meets exacting requirements on color.
Sublimation transfer printing by JV4 produces vibrant color. Thanks to simple procedures and speed printing, time and media stocks are reduced.

We have been waiting for the inkjet printer which meets exacting requirements on color.

CEO: Mr. Kanai

■TK Corporation Ltd.(Sapporo city, Hokkaido)
Industry: Vertical banner, and other signage productions and processings

Introduced printer: JV3-130S, JV4-160, JV4-180

CEO: Mr. Kanai


【Creation of vertical banner, flag, and tapestry by sublimation transfer】
TK Corporation operates their business specializing in large signage like banners. They had created signage by drawing pictures or letters by ink brush, or cutting the dyed cloth into letters or some shapes, and heat pressed them. But now, they creat textile signage by sublimation transfer taking advantage of JV4-180.

Inkjet printer allowed us for streamlining procedures

【Accomplished streamlining procedures, and ensures the great color by sublimation transfer】
Compared to the pigment ink, the final color is beautiful. We needed 4 or 5 staffs when we operated by hand, but inkjet printer requires only 1 or 2 people. This allowed us for streamlining procedures.
Also, carrying and processing polyester cloth became more efficient, since it is lighter than tarpaulin.

Sublimation transfer

【Achieved the reduction of inventory and the response to picture and full color printing】
The number of colors is limited with the conventional dying method. However, sublimation transfer system has capability to express in full color. Also, only white cloth is needed, so it allows us for reducing the number of the invetories.

【Differenciaing the use of inkjet printer】
TK Corporation uses JV4-160 for water-based pigment ink, JV4-180 for sublimation ink, and JV2-130 for MS ink.
Large format solvent inkjet printer: Display the large vertical banner for more than one year outside.

・JV4-160 Water-based pigment ink
Poster and display, using paper and YUPO

・JV4-180 Disperse ink
Vertical banner, flag, and tapestry, made of polyester

・JV2-130 MS ink
Banner with the high image quality printing

Application example (Sublimation transfer)

The large poster, The large vertical banner

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  • NameTK Corporation Ltd.
  • IndustryVertical banner, and other signage productions and processings
  • AddressSapporo-shi, Hokkaido, Japan
  • Phone number81-11-532-3338
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