Latex ink

Eco-conscious and versatile ink!
High image representation expands possibilities for signage printing.

A water-based Mimaki latex ink has been developed by concentrating Mimaki’s technologies, without losing the vibrant color and high color reproducibility of solvent inks. Resins contained in the latex ink are dissolved by heat and form a membrane to firmly fix pigments to the surface of the media. The latex ink allows for printing on a wide range of materials including PVC, paper, fabric, and PET film without the ink absorbing layer, which is typically difficult to print on with solvent ink. Eco-conscious low VOC* formulation latex ink does not require special ventilation in the workplace; therefore, it reduces any adverse operator health effects.
Latex ink [LX101] gained the "GREENGUARD Gold" certification by UL LLC of third-party institution of safety science of the United States.
*Volatile Organic Compounds

Eco-conscious water-based ink


Unlike solvent inks, the latex ink has low-VOC emissions. Pigments are dissolved by resins in water instead of solvents. The odor is remarkably reduced.
No special ventilation is required for installing the printer. The latex ink contributes to a reduced effect on health and improvement in the work environment.


Prints are perfect for indoor displays in restaurants, hospitals, and day-care centers.

Low-odor latex ink prints are ideal for indoor signage in grocery stores and restaurants where odor is a concern. High-quality image prints and media compatibility meet a wide range of applications.


Eco-cartridge system reduces waste

Reusable eco-cartridges contribute to a reduction in total ink costs! The latex ink is packed in a pouch. There is no need to replace the cartridge each time; only a new ink pack is needed for ink replacement.

Mechanism of the latex ink adhesion

Mechanism of the latex ink adhesion

Ink cures at a low temperature of approximately 60 °C! This allows for printing on diverse media.

In addition to the original high media compatibility of the latex ink, the low ink fixation temperature allows for latex ink to print on a wider range of media including heat-sensitive materials such as PET and ultrathin materials.

Improve working speed by high ink dryability and built in heaters

Improve working speed by high ink dryability and built in heaters

Thanks to high ink dryability, the latex ink dries in a second! Solvent ink takes a whole day to dry. Post processes, such as laminating, can be immediately started after printing; therefore, production efficiency is dramatically improved. Moreover, built-in 3-way intelligent heaters accelerate drying, fixation of the ink, and color reproduction.

Color reproducibility and weatherability are equivalent to the solvent ink

The latex ink has a performance comparable with solvent ink for preferable prints for signage displays including characters, illustrations, photographs, and background color gradation printing. Additionally, latex has a glossiness equivalent to the solvent, and has outdoor weatherability that is crucial for outdoor signage.

Color reproducibility and weatherability are equivalent to the solvent ink

The world first white latex ink!

MIMAKI Six-color Process Printing + White

Mimaki is the first company that has succeeded in the development of white latex ink.
White latex ink expands the possibility of indoor/outdoor signage designs. White ink is not only used as a spot color but also for underlayer printing on transparent, colored, or embossed materials.

"GREENGUARD Gold" Certification

GREENGUARD Gold Certification label

GREENGUARD Gold Certification label

Latex ink [LX101] gained the "GREENGUARD Gold" certification.

[GREENGUARD Gold] Certification Ink

  • Solvent ink : SS21, BS4, CS250
  • Latex ink : LX101
  • UV curable ink : LH-100, LU-125, LUS-120, LUS-150, LUS-170, LUS-175, LUS-190, LUS-200, LUS-210, LUS-211

With the current rise of desire for environmentally-minded products by consumers, the interest of the "value of environment" is growing.
GREENGUARD is a program of the environmental certification on chemical emissions of indoor spaces by UL LLC of third-party institution of safety science of the United States.
Based on the backed information by the unbiased empirical science data, the products with less chemical emission to the room spaces and more environmentally-friendly can be approved to this certification.
The certification has two sorts such as the Standard and the Gold. The Gold offers more strict certification criteria than the Standard.

Mimaki took the lead of the market to develop ink, ink-jet printer industry to reduce environmental impact. Especially the sublimation printing is becoming attractive as its environmental-minded system.
Mimaki continues to pursue the print technology of high-quality and to strive to reduce its environment impact for the realization of environmentally-friendly manufacturing. It will aim to continue offering products and services considering the safety and security of our valued customers.


On this web page, “Better work environment” and “Less health effects” are mentioned. However, these are comparative results between Mimaki solvent ink and Mimaki latex ink. Mimaki provides no guarantee concerning the content of this web page.

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