Beijing Yunjie Zhicheng Trading Co., Ltd. (Beijing, China)

We like to satisfy various customer demands with minimal investment.
MIMAKI's printers have a wide range of processing, not only being able to make up with short delivery time but also excellent quality, we were able to respond to various customer requests. It became a strong support for a further business expansion.

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We are providing the services for advertisement design, corporate promotion planning, customization work on international standards. The rich imagination of the industry, fine craftsmanship and serious attitude attracted attention from the advertisement production industry, and has gained high reputation from industry and customers.

Customer interview:
Beijing Yunjie Zhicheng Trading Co., Ltd.
Manager Liu

Beijing Yunjie Zhicheng Trading Co., Ltd.: Manager Liu (Left)

Introduced model : UJF Series (UJF-6042 / UJF-6042MkII), JV300 Series for 8 colors of Eco-solvent ink, CJV Series of Print & Cut (CJV30 / CJV150), etc.

Beijing Yunjie Zhicheng Trading Co., Ltd. is a company with a history of more than 20 years, providing services such as design, production and construction of advertisements. They can create current design team by gathering experienced people in the advertising industry, design it with software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel DRAW etc., and can respond to total soft proofing and high-class printing as well.
In particular, as a user who introduced UV printer "UJF-6042" for the first time in northern China, they have their  own solution for UV printing applications (smartphone cases, high grade signboard, special media etc.).

"The MIMAKI product has a wide processing range and could respond to our various customer needs."

Could you please tell us the reasons of choosing MIMAKI products and the impressions after use ?

The 8 color UV curing ink of UJF-6042

Mimaki's UV curable ink has features such as wide gamut, strong weathering resistance and high adhesion. We introduced Mimaki UJF-6042 in 2014 to cope with special media (resin, acrylic, glass, metal etc.).




The 8 color Eco Solvent Ink of JV300-160

The Mimaki JV300 Series has a smooth continuous output for a long time, and applications such as 4 colors, 6 colors and 8 colors are prepared according to customer's demands.
Various third party RIP software such as Caldera, Wasatch, Ergosoft, MainTop etc. can be used  as well as Rasterlink6 attached as standard.


The 8 color Eco Solvent Ink of CJV30/CJV150 Series for Print&Cut

In order to respond to the needs of the summer custom T shirt, we introduced the CJV30/150 series from April 2017.
By printing Mimaki machine with original design on rubber sheet and transferring it to T-shirt, we realized the small-rot multi-production.

Business activities

  • Total solution proposal for designing, manufacturing, and construction of indoor and outdoor signs
  • Design and production of photo frames and albums
  • Customization of smartphone case, crafted products and special shape novelty
  • Customization of T-shirt and canvas bag

Beijing Yunjie Zhicheng Trading Co., Ltd.

User profile

  • NameBeijing Yunjie Zhicheng Trading Co., Ltd.
  • AddressNo. 18, Wusi Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing (Southwest corner of the National Art Museum of China)
  • Phone number133-0138-5719

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