"TS330-1600" exceeds expectations in terms of print quality, print speed, and operability: Wing-Corporation, Inc.

Want to print on cotton towels with inkjet, but have high hurdles such as installation of pre- and post-printing equipment, use of water, etc.
Started printing on pile polyester towels with the introduction of a dye sublimation transfer printer. After installing the TS330-1600, production efficiency and print quality improved, and the company is satisfied with the results.

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"TS330-1600" exceeds expectations in terms of print quality, print speed, and operability

Wing Corporation is a company in Fukui Prefecture that plans, manufactures, and sells original towels. The company offers a wide range of services from small lot to mass production and boasts strong popularity not only locally but also nationwide through its Internet sales.

For this interview, we spoke with Wing Corporation's President Tobita, Manager Tobita of the Sales Department, and Mr. Iwaoka of the Production Department about how the TS330-1600 was introduced and their impressions of the system.

TS330-1600: Wing-Corporation, inc.

Conclusive fact in introducing TS330-1600

  • Fast printing speed and high productivity
  • Good printing quality
  • Excellent after-sales service

Launched towel sales and introduced inkjet printers.

At the time of our founding, we were in the business of imprinting lighters and ballpoint pens, and although we purchased materials and planned and developed products, we did not have a direct point of contact for sales to customers. So, we decided to handle our own brand of products that we could purchase, process, and sell online, and started a business of printing and selling towels.

We were introduced to a towel processing company in Senshu, Osaka, by a business partner, where we learned the basics of the business and its know-how, while at the same time purchasing materials and building a good partnership. Later, I heard that the company had introduced a full-color inkjet printer, and I began to consider the possibility of introducing one of my own.

When we first started selling towels in the first place, we used screen printing and made what we called "greeting towels" for use at the move and the new year. When we first started selling towels in the first place, we used screen printing and made what we called "greeting towels" for use at the move and the new year. Two or three years later, after expanding into original towels, we introduced Mimaki's TS100-1600 (TS100). The TS330-1600 (TS330) was introduced as an expansion machine for the TS100.

Screen printing machine

The deciding factor in the introduction of TS100 and TS300 was their outstanding color reproduction.

We had known for some time that there was a way to print on cotton towels using inkjet, but we were hesitant to try it because of the problems involved in installing pre- and post-processing equipment and using large amounts of water.

Then I came across a printing method called sublimation transfer, which does not require the creation of plates and can be used to print on towels made of polyester material but with a highly absorbent pile. I thought this was a good solution and started looking for a sublimation transfer printer.

Before installing the Mimaki TS100, we had a choice of several companies, but when we actually printed the same design on the actual machines of each company, the color quality of the Mimaki was overwhelmingly superior. Once I saw how good the colors were, I felt that there was no other choice but Mimaki, and I decided to install the TS100.

We were very satisfied with the printing quality of Mimaki's machines even after the TS100 was installed, and we almost chose Mimaki when we installed the TS330. We were also fully satisfied with the after-sales service provided by the sales and service staff, which also encouraged us to purchase the Mimaki TS330.

Introduction of TS330 dramatically improves productivity.

After installing the TS100, we became steadily busier and could no longer cover our work with just one machine. When I approached Mimaki's sales representative about the possibility of expanding the system, he introduced me to the TS330 series, saying that there was a new printer that had just been released this year.

Frankly, I was beginning to feel that the TS100 was lacking in that it did not have a heater. If I printed too quickly, the ink would not dry, so I had no choice but to print slowly. Also, at this unfortunate time, we had to print a lot of solid color prints, which was a problem.

In this respect, the TS330 is equipped with a heater, and we are quite satisfied with the printing speed, the clarity of the printed material, and the wide range of compatible inks. In fact, productivity has increased overwhelmingly since we installed the TS330 compared to when we had only the TS100. Really, Mimaki's response capability is amazing, without any flattery.

TS330 is highly rated for both print quality and ease of use.

The print quality is so high that when a design is printed on TS330, you can clearly see that the output is clean once it is printed on the transfer paper.

Also, with the TS100, it often takes two people to set the media and set the paper taut, but  TS330 supports "V-shape cutting," which cuts the edge of the media in a mountainous shape, so the center of the media can be precisely installed into the paper tube, making preparation easier. This has also been helpful in terms of saving media, since we no longer have to re-set the media due to misalignment of the media.

In addition to the fact that the ink is now available in light magenta and light blue for greater expressiveness, the size of the ink pack capacity has been increased from 1L to 2L, reducing the frequency of ink replacement, which is a modest but helpful feature.

There are no major disadvantages so far, but if I had to say something, I would say that it takes up a lot of space due to its large size (lol).


TS330 is a device I want to continue to use and abuse.

Currently, the TS330 is not working on all days, so we would like to have it running at full capacity every day so that we can use it more and more. We are still experiencing fluctuations in orders for original towels, and we are still experimenting with the possibility of offering a wider range of products, such as goods.

In addition, orders from online sales account for 90% of our current sales, and we are still in a passive state, so we would like to create a system that allows us to actively go out and get work from here.

Plans, manufactures, and sells original towels

Wing-Corporation, inc

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