A mug print is possible by sublimation transfer.
Sublimation transfer printing has an image for the polyester fabric but the polyester coating materials are also available.

What is the sublimation transfer printing?

sublimation transfer printing

First, the image is printed on transfer paper. Second, the printed surface of the transfer paper is placed on the polyester fabric and the two are pressed together at high temperature. The molecular chains of the fibers break on heating, and the sublimated ink molecules are caught between the fiber molecules and fixed on the fabric.
Sublimation ink | Supply

Main industry: Apparels etc.
Main application: Promotional goods, novelty goods



  • A mug for sublimation transfer *Polyester coated
  • Transfer paper *Transfer paper with adhesive is recommended. It has less risk of color retransferring to be a fine finish.
  • Sublimation Transter Inkjet Printer ex) CJV150 Series, TS100-1600, TS330-1600, etc.
  • Heat resistance gloves
  • Heat resistance tape
  • Heat press for mug

STEP 1: Data creation

Data creation

Create your printing data using Illustrator and save it in the EPS format.

Recommended design size: W 180 mm x H 75 mm

STEP 2: Print the data

Setting the print condition and print place

Open RasterLink to read and print the data.

Please make sure to mark check in the "Mirror" box for the sublimation transfer.

*The image shows the RasterLink6 setting screen.

STEP 3: Cutting


Cutting by one piece of each.
*Please cut inside of the frame for not transferring it together.

STEP 4: Heat press

4-1. Turn on the heat press to set 190 degrees of temperature.

[Transfer conditions]
Temperature: 190 degrees
Time: 3 minutes

Heat press for mug

4-2. Prepare mug and cut transfer paper and fix the position of the paper to contact the printed surface to the mug.

Please use a mug for sublimation transfer.
A mug without polyester coating is not available.

Fix the position

4-3. After fixing the position, attach the heat resistance tape not to move the paper.

Be sure to use heat resistance tape.  

It is possible to use the silicone rubber to roll on the mug instead of heat resistance tape for preventing the air-invasion.

Attach the heat resistance tape not to move the paper.

4-4. Place the mug in the heat press and press down the handle for 3 minutes heating and release it.

*Use heat resistance gloves for preventing the hands from getting burned.

Heat press for mug

4-5. After releasing the mug from the heat press, remove the tape and the transfer paper from the mug and let it cool.

When it is difficult to remove the tape, please use the edge of cutter blade.

*Due to a work in the high temperature, be sure to wear the heat resistance gloves while removing the tape. Do not touch directly till the mug gets cold completely.

Remove the tape and the transfer paper



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