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Photorealistic Color Accuracy

Mimaki offers the world's first *1 3D printer
with more than 10 million colors and UV-curable inkjet printing!

The 3D printer market growth continues to spread globally upon commencing from North America and Europe and its application is mainly entered in manufacturing industry and then penetrating to education, construction and medical business segment.
Mimaki 3D printer [3DUJ-553] has achieved the full color modeling with the capability of world first *1 over 10 million colors based on our developed technology of 2D inkjet printers of professionals use.
We will propose a new business utilizing [3DUJ-553] as its having rich color expression is better suited to create a final product such as real object sign or building model, of which an extra coloring has been difficult after the completion of modeling.


Product outlines

  1. The world's first model of full color printing more than 10 million color tones
  2. Remarkable expressive power for elaborate modeling by Mimaki's concentrated technologies
  3. Excellent post process performance by availability of over coating and drilling
  4. Usability in pursuit of "easy fabrication"
  5. Secured operation support to minimize losses

Object signage by 3D printer

Mimaki proposal for Sign Graphics market

Object signage by 3D printer is considerably effective to be remarked and understood easily with its presence by the combination of realistic 3 dimensional motif and 2D image. [3DUJ-553] can express by more than 10 million different full colors and as well enhance the color reproducibility with the color adjustment employing the color profiles.


Mimaki proposal for Industrial products market

[3DUJ-553] can satisfy professionals exacting requirement to make full color and fine modeling of strong preference into the details and final products, for example, figure, 3D map and mock-up. And the post processing like over coating and attachment of screws is also able to apply to an object after modeling.

Production Example of 3DUJ-553

*Click to view larger image.

3DUJ-553: Mascot character sign (Cafe) 3DUJ-553: Wall decoration (Art nouveau) 3DUJ-553: Building model (Kumamoto castle)  3DUJ-553: Building model (Map)
Mascot character sign (Cafe) Wall decoration (Art nouveau) Building model (Kumamoto castle)  Building model (Map)
3DUJ-553: Hina Doll  3DUJ-553: Trial production (Gear) 3DUJ-553: Lamp shade 3DUJ-553: Accessories (Pierced earring)
Hina Doll  Trial production (Gear) Lamp shade Accessories (Pierced earring)

For more details and other samples;
Mimaki 3D Printer Special Website: Sample gallery [Mimaki Global]

*1 Survey as of August, 2017 by Mimaki Engineering

3DUJ-553 Application example catalog (2.4MB)pdf file

3DUJ-553 Catalog (6.83MB)pdf file


3DUJ-553 Available modeling area: 508 x 508 x 305 mm (20 x 20 x 12")

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