FineCut/Coat9 for CorelDRAW

Main functions of FineCut/Coat9

1. For each material, register [Cutting speed/pressure]

Once one of the registered materials is selected, processing can be performed under the optimum cutting condition. To deal with such a material that cannot be cut at one time, the setting to cut a single cut line [number of times, speed and pressure of cutting] can be made.

2. Multiple colored design can be output by color/layer

By specifying an output sequence and a tool by color or layer, the cutting operation can be performed smoothly in line with properties of a tool and the shape to be cut. In addition, specification of any tools by color or layer enables the motion sequence of several tools to be set.

3. ID Cut function has made printing & cutting operations smoother

Data ID

Automatic cutting is made possible by printing out data with ID for data identification and by detecting such ID by means of the cutting plotter.
It saves the labor to confirm orientation of a media to be set, and reduces loss in media, ink and operation time due to data transmission mistake and setting mistake of media.
* Applicable models: CJV330, CJV300 Plus, UCJV330, UCJV300/150, CG-AR, CG-FXII Plus, CF22-1225, CFL-605RT and CFX

4. Frame extraction

This is a function that automatically creates a frame (cut line) in agreement with an object. In the case of an object wherein an "O-shaped" cutout as in alphabet is found inside data, work efficiency of data generation is improved, because a frame can be created both inside and outside areas simultaneously.

5. Contour extraction

Any outline of data without path that can be read out by CorelDRAW, such as BMP, JPEG and TIFF, can be extracted automatically.

6. Unnecessary line creation

A cutting line is created around an object automatically, which in turn enables an unnecessary portion of cut seal to be peeled off with ease.

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