UJF-3042MkII EX [End of sale]

Only one print setting realizes a full operation of primer application to clear surface treatment.
It will contribute to your work efficiency and work time reduction.

8 bottles of ink are settable to the [ UJF-3042MkII EX ] with 4 mounted print heads.
In addition to the basic color set of CMYK, white, clear and primer ink are placed together to the printer. It enables to complete the 4 processes of the base treatment by the primer, the base print by the white, the full color print and the surface treatment by the clear by just one print setting.
It leads not only to the value-added print also the work efficiency and the labor time reduction by the unification of the usual separated works like the primer and the surface coating into just one printer operation.

1. Inkjet primer improving the ink adhesion

While the ink adhesion with the material is not sufficient, applying the inkjet primer will help. The primer can be applied to the desired areas by ink-jetting. This feature retains the texture of the material while printing, which is not possible with manual primer application. The PR-200 available to [ UJF-3042MkII EX ] can be used on resin, glass and metal materials without affecting their texture and improve the ink bonding to the material originally the surface coated.

Patent number / JPN: 5817059 USA: US9,132,685 B2

Selective primer application

2. White ink making more effective expression of full color print

The white ink with high opacity can enhances more vivid expression of full color to print together on a deep color or a transparent material as the base.
Plus, max. 2 bottles of white ink can be attached to the printer to realize the high density white print in a short time with more opacity.

Example of high density white print

Example of high density white print

3. Clear ink print to represent the texture and to enhance design

With the [Glossy finish] for bright glossiness and the [Matt effect] for muted frosting, [Embossed print] by partial multiple layers, the high value-added print is available by the utilization of clear ink. It adds the glossiness, 3-D appearance, texture and premium feel.

Print images with MCC

129 types of texture library are ready

By installation of Mimaki RIP software 「RasterLink6」, the [ ARTISTA UV Texture Library ] of the equipment of 129 types of texture pattern will be registered to your PC as the swatch in Adobe Illustrator. Various textures are ready starting the [ BASIC ] pattern for elemental expression and the [ ARTISTIC ] pattern with floral-motif and symbols, the [ MODERN ] with visual effect.
Expression of those textures with the clear ink can realize the print for more elaborated design.

ARTISTA UV Texture Library Texture List

[ARTISTA UV Texture Library] (129types)
* BASIC (44 types) : Basic pattern
* ARTISTIC (45 types) : Patterns give a design effect with floral-motif and symbols
* MODERN (40 types) : Patterns give a visual effect

4. Advanced mechanical structure assists value-added print products

Table-driven printing delivers superior quality image

Table-driven printing

To reduce printer unit vibration, the print table moves vertical direction during printing without moving the upper unit of the printer. In addition, to achieve higher positional accuracy, two ball screws are installed on both sides of the table to assist table movement. The precise droplet placement reduces-gloss banding issues and enables creating more valuable print products. In addition, the noise level of this model is remarkably reduced compared to the conventional model; thus, this printer can be installed in an office.

Direct printing on an object up to 153 mm thick

The printable object can be as thick as 153 mm (*1). Moreover, the advanced sensor detects even a transparent object (*2). The new model accepts a range of materials with simple set-up steps.
*1: To utilize this feature, spacers are required depending on the thickness of the object. The spacer is one of accessories of UJF-3042MkII EX.
*2: Depending on object size or form, the sensor may not detect the object properly.

Recommended head gap: 1.5 mm

5. High-performance UV-curable inks expand the range of applications

Flexible LUS-120 ink can print on soft materials

The flexible LUS-120 ink stretches up to 170% and delivers beautiful and durable print results on soft materials including leather or polyurethane.

Flexible LUS-150 ink has versatile adhesion capability on to various materials

The LUS-150 ink stretches up to 150% and delivers vibrant color representation. In addition to its use on soft materials, this ink adheres very well to rigid materials such as glass or acrylic. Examples of ideal applications are indoor signs or trophies.

Rigid LH-100 ink is highly scratch resistant

The LH-100 ink features high scratch-resistant, is chemically resistant, and has excellent color reproducibility. Ideal applications are smartphone cases, key fobs made of resins or plastics.

6. Mimaki's unique techniques provides more beautiful print

Mimaki Expand Color improves color representation

The new input profile, Mimaki Expand Color, is added to Mimaki genuine RIP software, RasterLink6. This profile enables representing more vibrant solid colors and brighter skin tones than a conventional input profile and provide more attractive print results with high-contrast color shades; bright parts are brighter and dark parts are darker.

Effectiveness of Mimaki Expand Color, a new input profile of RasterLink6

Effectiveness of Mimaki Expand Color, a new input profile of RasterLink6

Mimaki Advanced pass System 4 (MAPS4) minimizes banding and uneven color printing

MAPS4 has been newly added to the UJF-3042MkII EX models. Generally, swath boundaries are straight lines. Therefore, a slight misalignment between boundaries causes banding or uneven color printing. MAPS4 reduces banding and uneven color printing with blurred boundaries similar to gradation printing.

Illustration of MAPS4

MAPS4 applied

MAPS4 applied
Banding and uneven color printing are reduced by scattering swath boundaries. Beautiful print image is obtained.


Bandings appear on swath boundaries. Print quality is remarkably degraded because banding is recognizable on each boundary.

Waveform control and variable dot printing achieve smooth and quality print image

Each ink color has its own specific gravity and viscosity. To achieve a precise placement of ink droplets onto the media, Mimaki has designed an optimum waveform control technique that allows the printhead to jet each ink color at an optimum angle, maintaining excellent ink droplet circularity. Thanks to precise ink droplet landing, three different droplet sizes (5 pl to 22 pl *) are properly used for providing optimum print results.
* The maximum droplet size is 27 pl when using white high-dense mode.

7. Maintenance functions ensure worry-free operation

NCU automatically detects and recovers clogged nozzles

Clogged nozzles are detected automatically by monitoring ink droplets with sensors. When clogged nozzles are located, these are automatically cleaned, reducing waste printing. Nozzles are checked per transfer file.
* NCU is a standard feature of UJF-6042MkII and UJF-3042MkII EX, and an optional feature of UJF-3042MkII.

NRS for maintaining productivity

If the clogged nozzles are not recovered after cleaning through the NCU function, the NRS selects substitute nozzles and then restarts printing. This is a significant novelty, since previously, when nozzle cleaning fails, the printhead has to be repaired by a technician, and the printing operation ceases until the printhead is repaired. The NRS* allows the printer to continue printing without interruption by using non-defective nozzles as substitutes for defective nozzles until the technician arrives. (*)
* NRS may not be activated depending on print modes.


Fig. 1: NCU and NRS

*Click to view larger image.

Mimaki Circulation Technology (MCT) minimizes downtime

MCT is used in the ink tank and channel. The white ink is circulated at regular intervals to prevent pigment sedimentation that leads to malfunctions of the printhead.

8. Applications

Flip wallet smartphone case

Flip wallet smartphone case

Flexible LUS-120 ink can be printed on items that need to be bending.

Paper package

Paper package

Flexible LUS-120 ink can be printed on items that need to be bending.

Indoor sign

Indoor sign

The LUS-150 ink has excellent compatibility with acrylics.



The LUS-150 ink is suitable for printing on the trophy with beautiful print color and quality.

Portable battery

Portable battery

The LH-100 ink provides long-lasting print with its excellent scratch resistance.



The LH-100 ink adheres on resin or plastic.

Wedding welcome sign board

Wedding welcome sign board

The primer PR-200 increases ink adhesion to glass for which printing with UV-curable inks was previously difficult.

Directory and floor plan

Directory and floor plan

The primer PR-200 increases ink adhesion to metal. The primer can be applied to the required areas by ink-jetting. This feature retains the texture of the material.

Water bottle

Water bottle

The optional unit Kebab/KebabL enables printing on cylindrical objects.

* Some of sample images are simulated.

UJF-3042MkII EX Catalog (1.63MB)pdf file


UJF-3042MkII EX Maximum print area: 300 x 420 mm (11.8 x 16.5")

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