KEBAB [End of sale]

360-degree direct printing on cylindrical products!

Beautiful seamless 360 degree surface printing

Using the rotary rollers, the KEBAB option rotates the object,  allowing UJF-3042HG/UJF-6042 to print on the entire surface of the cylindrical item.

  • Beautiful seamless 360 degree surface printing with simple steps.
  • Digital-on-demand printing enables to produce customized print products with a minimum order quantity from one piece.
  • The Kebab upgrades the existing decoration-printing on 3D object of UJF-3042HG and UJF-6042.

Printing on curved surface

Mount KEBAB on the UJF-3042HG/UJF-6042,
set the product on the rollers,
and start automatic 360 degree printing by the dedicated software "RasterLink6".

Printing on a wide range of material sizes

The KEBAB option enables printing on various cylindrical objects with length ranging from 30mm to 330mm (12.99in) and diameter from 10mm to 110mm (0.39 to 4.33in). This allows users to create more varied print applications.
* Maximum weight of print material: 3 kg / Maximum print width: 300mm


Easy mounting on the UJF-3042HG, UJF-6042

Setting up KEBAB on a UJF-3042HG/UJF-6042 is very easy.
Just mount it on the printer, screw on the unit, and insert a connector.
* In order to use KEBAB, PCB of the UJF-3042HG/UJF-6042 must be replaced by a technician.

Easy mounting

RasterLink6 makes print job management simple

Easy print setting on the dedicated operation screen for KEBAB.

Dedicated menu for KEBAB

Dedicated menu for KEBAB

KEBAB dedicated function 1.  
Print image measuring

Outer circumference of a print object is automatically calculated by entering a diameter on the dedicated screen, and the ruler with a calculated circumference is displayed beside the print image accordingly.

KEBAB dedicated function 2.
Image scaling function

Print image is automatically scaled according to the calculated outer circumference. No calculation and scaling is required.

KEBAB Catalog (1.28MB)pdf file


KEBAB Compatible printer model: UJF-3042HG, UJF-6042

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