TS30-1300 [End of sale]

Easy-to-operate entry model that can be used at ease

This is an entry model of the sublimation transfer printer that features only a selected set of functions so that you can readily use it. The printer is bundled with Mimaki's RIP software, RasterLink6, enabling you to start printing right after introducing it. It also comes with Mimaki's Sb54 ink, which offers stable ink ejection by lowering the settlement property of dye. Even first-time users can use the sublimation transfer printer at ease.

Flow of sublimation transfer

Printing on necessary items in necessary quantities as needed

TS30-1300 realizes the in-house production of high-mix low-volume print products, such as textile or sports apparel prototyping or the creation of customized items. Performing the printing jobs, formerly outsourced to a subcontractor, the in-house production reduces the lead time of sample delivery to the client. Additionally, when the client requests a change in the design, the new design can be printed and delivered immediately without asking a subcontractor. The TS30-1300 enhances presentation ability and increases business opportunities.

Lead Time Reduction

Sublimation transfer printer enhances product presentation ability

1) Creation of an apparel sample

Polyester fabric is now widely used in the textile and apparel industry. With the TS30-1300, you can print original full-color images not only on clothes but also on such items as bags, scarves, tights, and socks. Designs with variables, such as player numbers and names on sports uniforms, can also be printed easily just by editing the data.

apparel sample

2) Customized items

Images can be printed on polyester-made banners, towels, T-shirts, handkerchiefs, mouse pads, neck straps, cushions, etc. as well as on polyester-coated mugs, glasses, coasters, etc. With a single printer, you can create many different customized items, which helps broaden the breadth of your business.

Customized items

Debut! Fluorescent color ink! (Sb54: fluorescent pink, fluorescent yellow)

Fluorescent color ink! (Sb54: fluorescent pink, fluorescent yellow)

Accentuated designs.

A broader choice of designs with fluorescent colors.

High value print and rich expression.

Your graphic designs and photo images will stand out with neon color print.

TS30-1300 Catalog (2.3MB)pdf file


TS30-1300 Maximum print width: 1,361 mm (53.6")

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